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Rochester Optical, an 80 year old firm based in New York will be teaming up with Google to make "custom prescription, fashion and sport lenses" for users of the device.  A recent redesign of the Glass hardware will allow the attachment of custom lenses.  Tim Moore, a founder of startup 'Venture Glass' and now marketing executive at Rochester Optical made the announcement and released the above picture.  In the announcement he says the prescription lenses will be available in early 2014.  Full PR below:

Rochester Optical Hires Marketing Strategist, and Wearable Technology Pioneer, Tim Moore

Growing Optical Manufacturer Strengthens Marketing Staff and Invests in Wearable Technology Pioneer

Rochester Optical announced that Tim Moore has joined their expanding marketing and technology teams as they continue to grow in many areas. Moore’s role at Rochester Optical will be two-fold with contributions to both the Research & Development team in wearable technology, and digital support to the Marketing team.

With Tim’s proven background as co-founder of social media agency SayItSocial and founder of Venture Glass, he will provide tremendous value to Rochester Optical in their endeavors in both the retail and the online space. His company, Venture Glass, a wearable technology company, was chosen by Google for their Google Glass project. Moore has also recently been identified as an “emerging thought leader in mobile and wearable technologies,” according to Forbes.

"We're beyond thrilled that Tim Moore has joined our dynamic marketing team,” said Wendy Emerson, Digital Marketing Manager at Rochester Optical. “Rochester Optical has so many moving parts,” Emerson continued, “and by joining forces with Moore will be better equipped to connect many of those parts and pieces."
Moore's addition comes with the first glimpse of Bien Eyewear, a revolutionary new brand in luxury eyewear invented and developed by Rochester Optical. Bien Eyewear made its debut on the runway during Rochester Fashion Week, on October 17, 2013. Moore's background in working with Google on the Google Glass project, being founder of wearable technology company Venture Glass, gives some exciting clues as to what Bien Eyewear has in store in the near future.

Tim Moore's proven background in digital and fashion lifestyle marketing and overall level of experience will further strengthen the existing nucleus the Bien brand already has in place. "This industry seeks market ready quality, unique personalized elements that set you apart from everyone else," said Moore. "With Bien, I've seen the vision, product and power of the organization, their multi-national retailers, years of eyewear design and technology leadership, and a decorated creative team focused on driving beautiful pieces of art to our customers, Bien is ready for explosive growth here in the states and abroad." Moore went on to add, "I'm really excited to be a part of the Bien team, it was a rare opportunity that I could not pass up."

Rochester Optical has been listed on the 2013 Rochester Top 100 list for the fourth year in a row, which recognizes the fastest growing companies in the Rochester, NY area. Moore’s contributions to the R&D team in the wearable technology space will continue to keep Rochester Optical on the leading edge in the optical industry and on target with projected growth.

As a state-of-the-art optical laboratory, one of the first wearable technology items Rochester Optical will be producing are custom prescription, fashion, and sport lenses for Google Glass, available for purchase in early 2014.

Google Glass Games / Welcome to the Google Glass Games Board!
« on: November 09, 2013, 05:56:48 PM »
This board is for all topics related to gaming on your 'Glass' device.  Played something you want to chat about?  Want a recommendation for something cool to try?  Need someone to play against?  This is the place! 

New Member Introductions / Re: I just couldn't wait for Google Glass
« on: November 07, 2013, 06:46:52 PM »
Welcome Vox!  I think 'Glass' will be significantly less expensive by the time it's available to the broader public.  Interesting device you built though!


The above structure is being built on a barge anchored at Treasure Island In San Francisco Bay

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks you've probably heard about the mysterious structures under construction on barges near the San Francisco Bay Bridge on Treasure Island as well as in Portland Maine.  First brought to the public's attention by CNET, a variety of theories were floated about what these may be from secret government facilities to floating data centers as backup for Google operations in case of emergency.  Well after a lot of snooping by a variety of news organizations an interesting and novel theory has arisen...some seem to think these structures are floating Google Glass Showcases that are intended to float from city to city and market 'Glass' to the public.  Both structures are apparently owned by a company known as BAL or 'By And Large' and have secretly been worked on for at least several months 

CNET was able to trace back via Linked In an executive at this company to Google.  Now there's apparently a lot of secrecy about what is actually taking place on these barges.  Very tight security prevents anyone from getting too close, although owners of a restaurant on Treasure Islane have said a large contingent of Google employees seems to be involved as they pay for their food with Google credit cards before heading back to the structure to continue their work.    In addition, any government officials and even Coast Guard representatives are apparently required to sign NDAs before finding out any information.   With the recent expansion of the Google Glass invites and the news reports that the company is ramping up production of 'Glass' devices we might find out just what these structures are sooner than later.  Personally, We're hoping they dock one on the Hudson River in NYC so we can walk through the floating Glass Store (if that's what it is) ourselves.

Here we have a picture of a similar mysterious structure being towed in Portland, Maine's waters



In the ongoing momentum that is Project Glass we have another piece of the puzzle showing up today in the way of some new 'Accessories' available to be purchased by Glass owners.  On the menu are a 'Clear Shield' that can be attached to the new model Glass device and an 'Extra Mono Earbud' for those that might have misplaced or damaged theirs.  Now considering there's only about 10,000 or so Glass owners as part of the Explorer program so far there won't be a huge market for Glass accessories yet...but it's a start.   With the new 3 invites per Glass owner initiative taking place now as well as the pending broad rollout of Glass next year we're sure an entire cottage industry of Glass accessories will make themselves available before long.

Google Glass

Are you going to do the exchange and get the new hardware model?  Did you already?


Well that was quick.  It was only yesterday that Google's Glass program announced that current owners could trade their Glass devices in for a new version of the hardware and today we've got pictures of the new model.   Now to be honest this new 'Glass' looks just like the old but with the addition of a mono earbud that has the Glass logo on it.  While we can't see any discerning changes on the rest of the device the apparent reason for the new model was to afford compatibility with colored and prescription lenses, so perhaps the frame that holds a potential lens has been changed.  Current owners have 60 days to do a swap for the new hardware and can choose to get the same or choose a new color from their original.  All of this of course is part of Google's slow ramping up of Glass as it heads towards mass adoption in the not so distant future.

Glass Google+

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/GHnpt9toFnA" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/GHnpt9toFnA</a>

This morning in the Financial Times an article cited sources saying that Google planned a 'substantial' increase in production of 'Glass' units during the run up to Christmas.  This was followed this afternoon by the company itself announcing a new Invite A Friend program that asks current Glass owners to invite up to three friends to purchase their own Glass.  If you'll remember it was only a couple of months ago that the company had allowed Glass owners to ask one friend to join them in the Explorer program and now that appears to have been increased to an additional three in this new initiative.

Up until now through the early phases of Glass adoption mostly through the Explorer program about 10,000 units have been produced and sold to early adopters.  This quadrupling of the Glass user base seems to be the first step the company is taking towards mass adoption when Glass is expected to be available to the public sometime in 2014.  Another announcement today has to do with current owners of Glass and a new version of hardware that the company is making available that appears to have been slightly tweaked to allow the use of color as well as prescription lenses.  Current Glass owners will be allowed to exchange their current pair for the new model free of charge, and even have the option of choosing a different color than their original. 

It really seems that the Glass operation in Google is picking up steam.  This time next year we won't be surprised to see them fairly common place around town.  So now...who feels like donating 'Glass' to GoogleGlassForum.net so we can start posting about it.  :)

Financial Times
Google Glass Google  Page

Google Glass Apps / Re: How are people coming up with app ideas?
« on: October 17, 2013, 05:38:50 PM »
Well at the moment since 'Glass' isn't available to the general public, all 'Glassware' demand is basically from developers and those lucky few who got theirs in the 'Explorer' program.  This should all change next year of course when 'Glass' goes public.  As for how do they come up with ideas...I can only guess there are a variety of ways...from porting existing smartphone and pc apps and functionality into a new form on 'Glass' to looking at the potential of the unique hardware of 'Glass' and how it might relate to the world in new use case scenarios.  Any developers out there feel free to chime in and let us know your thought process!


The good folks at AndroidPolice have gone through the latest build of Glass firmware, version XE10 and have uncovered a host of goodies that show some of what Google is planning for their now famous augmented reality headset.  Some of these include a host of now invisible abilities in GlassVoice including 3D modeling, a stopwatch, panorama capture, game, song, music and even car service actions and more.  Most of these tidbits are found in the GlassVoiceAPK and below you'll find a complete list of the most interesting finds:

- Add a Calendar Event
- Call Me a Car
- Capture a Panorama
- Check Me In
- Create a 3D Model
- Find a Recipe
- Learn a Song
- Play a Game
- Play Music
- Record a Recipe
- Remind Me To...
- Show a Compass
- Start a Bike Ride
- Start a Round of Golf
- Start a Run
- Start a Stopwatch
- Start a Timer
- Translate This
- Tune an Instrument

There's additional music related functionality mentioned as well including layout information as well as play, next and browse screens for controlling your music and a music_card.xml related setup for album art, name, track name and artist fields. 

In addition to the above some new eye related commands have been found including in the 'Gaze' folder, a 'Double Blink' command. 

There's a bit more info at the original source below so take a look and then hurry back to discuss!


Google Glass General Discussions / Re: Magnifier + Google Glass
« on: October 06, 2013, 07:25:44 PM »
I don't see why not but keep in mind the actual camera is to the side of the lens so up close what you're seeing might be exactly aligned with what is being shot with the camera.  The further away you are from the object the closer the view from the eye and the camera will match. 

Fantastic!  When you get a chance give us your impressions.


Google put out an announcement today through their  Google Glass Google Plus page and has opened up Glassware submissions to anyone that owns Glass.  The announcement, made along the introduction of a bunch of new Glassware such as SportsYapper, Fancy, Mashable, KitchMe and Thuuz continues the company's progress towards making 'Glass' a true platform. 

Through the submittal process, if approved, allows a developers Glassware to appear in the 'MyGlass' catalog of approved Glassware as well as to become eligible for more intensive testing by the company.  There's a bunch of documentation and instructions of course that come with the submittal process, much of which can be seen at the link below. 


Well it seems that Google has finally decided to spread the 'Glass' love and widen the audience of people that can see and try their wearable device.  The company has announced via a low-key Google+ post that they are starting to take Google Glass to cities across the U.S. for people to try out for themselves and talk with and ask questions of the 'Glass' team.  The first venue will be on October 5th in Durham, North Carolina.  If you're interested in attending these events you should RSVP.  There's a link on the G+ post below.

Google Glass G+

Google Glass General Discussions / Re: New Idea for Google Glasses
« on: September 07, 2013, 01:56:21 PM »
Cool idea frsdreamz, although I don't know if the technology exists yet to do that on the fly.  It's probably possible though. 

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