February 20, 2018, 11:18:35 AM


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Author Topic: Ticket Given To Woman Who Was Driving With 'Glass' Is Dismissed In CA Court  (Read 5924 times)


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It made all the headlines back in October when it occurred.  I woman, Cecilia Abadie was given a citation by a CHP officer under California vehicle code 27602, which prohibits operating a video-display in front of the driver's head rest where it can distract the driver.  Ths code was initially intended to prevent drivers from watching television and movies while driving but many had wondered if 'Glass' would be covered under the same law.     

This past Thursday a court dismissed the ticket but the dismissal does not quite put 'Glass' in the clear for future drivers.  Why not?  The judge who ruled that the ticket should be dismissed did so because he found no evidence presented that the device was in operation when the driver was cited.  But interestingly, he also through in that he does consider 'Glass' to fall under the category of a video screen according to state law so therefore the underlying code should apply to Glass devices. 

Now the hard part will be for law enforcement to somehow prove that a device is actually being used in order to ticket someone.  That may prove a bit harder than visually seeing someone use a phone while driving since 'Glass' could readily be worn as glasses, especially if it has prescription lenses attached, whether in use or not.  It'll be interesting to see if any changes to the law are made to accommodate the uniqueness of 'Glass' as it becomes more ubiquitous.


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