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Author Topic: Latest Google 'Glass' APK Teardown Reveals Upcoming Features Galore  (Read 4830 times)


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The good folks at AndroidPolice have gone through the latest build of Glass firmware, version XE10 and have uncovered a host of goodies that show some of what Google is planning for their now famous augmented reality headset.  Some of these include a host of now invisible abilities in GlassVoice including 3D modeling, a stopwatch, panorama capture, game, song, music and even car service actions and more.  Most of these tidbits are found in the GlassVoiceAPK and below you'll find a complete list of the most interesting finds:

- Add a Calendar Event
- Call Me a Car
- Capture a Panorama
- Check Me In
- Create a 3D Model
- Find a Recipe
- Learn a Song
- Play a Game
- Play Music
- Record a Recipe
- Remind Me To...
- Show a Compass
- Start a Bike Ride
- Start a Round of Golf
- Start a Run
- Start a Stopwatch
- Start a Timer
- Translate This
- Tune an Instrument

There's additional music related functionality mentioned as well including layout information as well as play, next and browse screens for controlling your music and a music_card.xml related setup for album art, name, track name and artist fields. 

In addition to the above some new eye related commands have been found including in the 'Gaze' folder, a 'Double Blink' command. 

There's a bit more info at the original source below so take a look and then hurry back to discuss!


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