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Author Topic: Google Introduces Titanium Prescription Ready Frames & Cool Shades For Glass  (Read 3403 times)


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An understated but in retrospect important news day in the development of Google Glass.  The company today introduced a line of titanium frames as well as sunshades compatible with the latest version of Glass.  These new frames allow the use of prescription lenses opening up Glass to a whole new demo of potential users. 

Available through the Google Glass website the new frames come in four versions and are made of titanium:  Bold, Curve, Thin, and Split, as well as adding two new tinted shade styles, Classic and Edge to the lineup.  The price is $225 for the titanium models and $150 for the tinted ones.  When you add in the 5 different colors that Glass is now available in plus the original you get over 40 different combinations for glass, frame and shade looks.

"We think they'll accommodate most people's tastes. Anybody who is familiar with the process of getting [an eyeglasses] prescription filled will be familiar with how you get prescription Glass," Steve Lee, Glass' product director said.  You can find out much more detailed info at the Glass site.

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