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Author Topic: First Google Glass Game Demo 'StarFinder' Appears At Mobile Outlook 2013  (Read 1868 times)


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The first Google Glass game, named 'StarFinder' has been unveiled by developer dsky9 at the Mobile Outlook 2013 conferance.  Pitting players against each other in a timed competition to identify various star constellations.  “Upon launch, the app shows a leaderboard and videogame-like interface, overlaid atop a natural view of the stars and constellations” dSky9 said of the game. “It then challenges users to identify new constellations within a pre-set time limit.”

Now the video above is really a 'mockup' of what the developer envisions the real app will be like but it gives a glimpse of some of the potential that 'Glass' has in creating a multiplayer and environmentally immersive gaming experience.  We're personally not sure how entertaining recognizing star formations will be to the average gamer, but throw in a few starship battles and deathstar explosions and now we're talking!


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