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Author Topic: CBS Sports Anchor To Wear 'Glass' During Superbowl  (Read 2536 times)


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CBS Sports Anchor To Wear 'Glass' During Superbowl
« on: January 23, 2014, 05:09:11 PM »

If you plan on watching the Superbowl coming up next month (and who doesn't) then you'll not be surprised to find out that one of the major sponsors will be Google.  What you might be a bit surprised at though is that veteran sports anchor John Kucko from WROC-TV, Rochester, a CBS affiliate, will be sharing his vantage of the bowl through 'Glass' both during the events before as well as during the game. 

Google Glass will provide viewers with a perspective of the greatest spectacle in sports that they have never seen or experienced before. To have this first person technology will be invaluable in my day-to-day coverage of football’s grandest game. –  John Kucko

Reportedly we'll be able to see stats, statistics and insights as well as video and images from the front facing display that Kucko will be seeing on his device, giving viewers a 'u r there' type experience.  Tim Moore from Rochester Optical and a 'Glass' expert has reportedly been working on the Superbowl project.

“It’s time people see the positive aspects of Google Glass and there couldn’t be a larger public stage to do that on than the SuperBowl. John Kucko is taking us on a true adventure.  It’s like putting on a football helmet in your living room and experiencing the game in a way that, until recently, was unimaginable.” – Tim Moore

Presumably, once 'Glass' becomes available to the broader public we'll be able to watch our favorite team or individual sports and have access to all manner of info at the wink of an eye or voice command.  Pretty cool we say and it should be interesting just what we're presented with through Kucko's glass device during the game. 


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Re: CBS Sports Anchor To Wear 'Glass' During Superbowl
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2014, 06:59:45 AM »
how can we do send n share picture directly on our default numbers without doing anything tap or through voice command in google Glass?
how can we do this by code ..?