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Author Topic: Are Mysterious Barge Structures On Both Coasts Floating Google Glass Stores?  (Read 1523 times)


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The above structure is being built on a barge anchored at Treasure Island In San Francisco Bay

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks you've probably heard about the mysterious structures under construction on barges near the San Francisco Bay Bridge on Treasure Island as well as in Portland Maine.  First brought to the public's attention by CNET, a variety of theories were floated about what these may be from secret government facilities to floating data centers as backup for Google operations in case of emergency.  Well after a lot of snooping by a variety of news organizations an interesting and novel theory has arisen...some seem to think these structures are floating Google Glass Showcases that are intended to float from city to city and market 'Glass' to the public.  Both structures are apparently owned by a company known as BAL or 'By And Large' and have secretly been worked on for at least several months 

CNET was able to trace back via Linked In an executive at this company to Google.  Now there's apparently a lot of secrecy about what is actually taking place on these barges.  Very tight security prevents anyone from getting too close, although owners of a restaurant on Treasure Islane have said a large contingent of Google employees seems to be involved as they pay for their food with Google credit cards before heading back to the structure to continue their work.    In addition, any government officials and even Coast Guard representatives are apparently required to sign NDAs before finding out any information.   With the recent expansion of the Google Glass invites and the news reports that the company is ramping up production of 'Glass' devices we might find out just what these structures are sooner than later.  Personally, We're hoping they dock one on the Hudson River in NYC so we can walk through the floating Glass Store (if that's what it is) ourselves.

Here we have a picture of a similar mysterious structure being towed in Portland, Maine's waters

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