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Author Topic: Balance and Vestibular Accommodation App?  (Read 1060 times)


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Balance and Vestibular Accommodation App?
« on: August 10, 2014, 11:39:30 PM »
I had someone write an app for my IPhone 4S that made different tones when I was leaning left, right, forward or back.  As you are probably aware the new phones have both 3D gyroscopes and 3D accelerometers in them.

Although it was nowhere near ideal, I was walking without my cane in a couple weeks.  The developer used the gyroscope for quick movements but did not integrate the accelerometer.

Unfortunately,  Apple does not let you just write a program for your phone.  They want products they can sell on ITunes and no potential liabilities.  So without some sort of "provisioning", your app dies after 6 months.

I am a master of 6 dead old computer languages. Neither  C++ nor JAVA are part of my skill set.  I have MS and my vision is not good.  I did insist on receiving source code.  So I have a "Proof of Concept" app that would require me to purchase a Mac, become a certified developer and learn JAVA.  I an not an Apple fan.  I would be leaning strongly towards an Android platform.

A complete working app should take maybe 4 weeks.

Anybody got an idea?  Add $15,000 for the patent search lawyer.

Approximately 250,000 people in the US have problems with their balance.   This is caused often by multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's or a stroke.

20% might be helped by this app.

I am not seeking funding or partners.  I just want to walk with stability.